The Spring In God's Creation

(These are Granny Smith apple blossoms.) Who doesn't love the springtime when every little hidden plant and flower peeps it's tiny head above the thawing earth?  It so reminds me of a thousand little birthday gifts because each flower is a little surprise waiting to be discovered. Today as I returned home from grocery shopping I decided to walk across the road to see what wildflowers were in bloom.  Those above are California Lupine.  I don't know what these little white flowers are below, but I thought it wonderful to see the tiny pollen sac on the little worker bee. We had a rainy winter and spring this year.  Lots of rain means we get to  see lots of green grass and an abundance of flowers. Here are some strawberry flowers from my garden.  I don't know if these are Quinalt or Sequoia strawberries, but they have taken over my garden.  This year I am planting yet a third kind. Here's a dainty violet pink flower that grows close to the ground. I never pull up …

Two Coloring Pages for the Feast of St. Joseph

I think I may have deleted my original post of this coloring page of Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus.   Because the Feast of Saint Joseph is this month, March 19th, I thought it would be good to repost this coloring page.  You can print this coloring page by clicking HERE. Here is another coloring page of Saint Joseph and baby Jesus.  This one is quite simple.  To print this simple to coloring page click HERE.

My Gratitude For 2016 (Almost but not quite Camelot!)

(An illustration from an art book I made.)
Recently a priest gave me the penance in the Sacrament of Confession to spend a few minutes meditating and thinking with gratitude about all God has given me.  Of course I did my penance that day in church, but since I haven't spent much time blogging in the last year I thought I would write a little post about what I am thankful for from the year 2016.

Here are a few of the things I am grateful that happened in 2016.

1) I am thankful for fairly good health and that I am still alive and ticking and able to have yet another day, month or year to work out my salvation!  God is good!  Praise be God in His and angels and in his saints!

2) I am so thankful for my Guardian angel who is constantly reminding me to curb my appetites and willfulness.

3) I am so thankful for my peaceful marriage.  My husband and I have been married almost 20 years now.  I can't think of a time that we ever went to sleep at night in anger.  There has been very …

REST FOR THE WEARY! Two helpful prayers.

I haven't tried this yet, but today I came across something I really need:  a prayer to Jesus for rest and sleep.  It's the second prayer for sleep I have found.   I have adrenal fatigue really bad.  Most of the time I feel overwhelmed (a symptom).  It's mostly my own fault.  I do too much and I worry too much.  I take on too many responsibilities and I am always trying to solve problems and fix things instead of letting Jesus fix everything.  Over the last year (2016) many good things happened.  One was that I finally started getting some good, wonderful sleep.  I call it my delicious sleep because it really was that good.   I started praying a prayer called The Care of the Body and Soul prayer.  I got it from Fr. Ripperger (I download and listen to his talks on the spiritual life).  You can say it at the start of your day and at the end of your day.  It is most efficacious to pray it at bedtime so that your guardian angel can direct your dreams.  You can also pray this p…

Last Year (2015) and a Fun DIY Recycling Project

I haven't posted in ages!  I haven't had time to make coloring pages lately.  Instead I am doing art commissions and gifts of art for family and friends.   I look forward to the day when I can get back to the fun of coloring page art.

As I reflect on 2015, I have to say it was a very good year!  There was all of the usual turmoil that happened, but everything had a happy ending.

Our kitty, Abigail passed away,  That was terribly sad.  She had diabetes and kidney failure.  I learned a lot in this experience.  We had gotten her diabetes under control using Wellness brand grain free cat food (turkey and salmon flavor seems to have the right proportions of protein and phosphorus and other nutrients).  She was thriving until one day I took her in for a check up.  Her vet insisted that I put her on a prescription, low protein diet for her kidneys.  So I did and she promptly became diabetic again.  We could never could her blood sugar under control again.  Very sad.  But I learned …

Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart coloring page)

The other day when I was pondering what kind of coloring page I would make for Valentine's Day, the French words, Sarcre-Coeur immediately came into my mind.  Sometimes I think in least about a few things...not many things mind you.  After four semesters of French in college, I don't remember much.  It is so true that if one does not practice a thing, it may just go away. But the French words for Sacred Heart do not ever leave me and recently I have been exchanging emails with a woman who speaks and writes in French and so the French language has been in my thoughts. I cannot help but consider how the Wound in the Sacred Heart of Jesus heals the wounds of the world....that is, if we would only give Him a chance.  The Sacred Heart never inflicts Himself on us.  He waits patiently and allows us to come to Him of our free will. You can print the Sacre-Coeur coloring page by clicking HERE May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be ever present in your heart today on Valentine…

Consecration and Moonflowers and Mary Coloring Page

Have you made Saint Louis Marie de Montfort's Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary?  I thought I had years ago when my husband and I were first married.  Our parish priest did a beautiful consecration with our congregation after mass one Sunday.  We all went to confession.  Some of us did a General Confession where you confess all of the sins of your whole life.  Whew!  That was a long confession!  But recently a very nice friend recommended that I do the Total Consecration.   After a bit of investigation I realized I had not done the "official" Total Consecration because I have no memory of ever doing the 33 days of preparation.  That is not unusual.  Today while drawing my Moon flowers and Mary coloring page, I went to the kitchen five times to get a round object to trace for a halo for the Virgin Mary.  Four times I came back with a piece of Mexican Monterrey Jack cheese (which tastes suspiciously like white cheddar).  Finally I came back with the top of an old f…