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Two Hearts, Stained Glass Windows and Color Pages

There is a small church in a neighboring town.  I love to look at it's lovely stained glass windows.  Back in the 1970's the church burned and all that was left were the beautiful windows. 
I had never noticed this window before.  I think the pink colors were what attracted my attention.  Seeing that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I thought there must also be a Sacred Heart Stained Glass Window.  And there was.  I must admit that I love stained glass. Seeing light shine through a colored glass window and casting these colors on objects on the other side can be beautiful and interesting. When my husband and I were first married, we had the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart (and the Immaculate Heart of Mary) done in our home. 
It was a huge celebration that took place on the Feast of Christ the King.  We invited our whole church to attend the festivities.  I regret that we don't have pictures from this first Enthronement.
Every time since that we have moved, we have eith…

The Cross In The Woods, Kateri Tekakwitha and the Dolls

Years  ago, one of my godchildren became interested in "all things Indian,"  American Indian, that is.   I have always taken being a godparent seriously and so my godchildren usually receive "Catholic" gifts to help them develop a love for their Faith.  One day I found the little Father Lavosik book on the little Indian saint, Kateri Tekakwitha
which according to Wikipedia is pronounced, 'gaderi dega' gwita in Mohawk. Blessed Kateri Is scheduled to be canonized a saint in October of this year by Pope Benedict.  Anyway, I read the story and was so impressed by her life.  I was "hooked" on little "saint."   I gave my godchild a copy of the book.   Soon afterwards I made a Kateri Tekakwitha doll for my godchild.  And then I made more.  I donated the dolls to our church craft sale.  They sold well.  They were made from plastic Indian maiden dolls that I found at Jo-Ann's Fabric store.  I used faux suede to make her outfit and I beaded …