Baby Jesus Christmas Cards and Coloring Pages

It is getting close to Christmas card sending time.  Every year for the last 8 or so years, I have set out to make my own Christmas cards.  Often I fail in doing so as other projects get in the way.  This year I felt determined.  I have had this idea in my head for a long time.  The inspiration originally came from a Christmas card my family received when I was in high school.  It was a card sent by a priest friend in New Caledonia.   The card showed the Child Jesus with his hands stretched out and his feet crossed and he was on a cross.  It was a photo of a real porcelain figurine.  I have never forgotten that card because it was the most meaningful and beautiful Christmas card I have ever seen.  It left a memorable impression on my heart.  The Christmas Card I have made for this year pales in comparison to that wondrous card we got so long ago.  But for now it is what I can offer the Child Jesus.  One of my favorite themes is to use poinsettias in my Christmas drawings.  You can read the Legend of the Poinsettia here.  It is a beautiful Mexican story about a little girl who didn't have a gift for the Christ Child.  For me, the red of the poinsettias reminds me of the blood this beautiful Child would shed one day for me and for you.

I drew the Child Jesus on Bristol paper, but if you want to use this image for a Christmas card you can use plain copier paper or you can print it on heavier card stock paper.  I have colored my image with BIC permanent markers except that I used a Prismacolor marker in light peach for the Jesus' skin.  My gold colored marker was dried out and so I used yellow for Jesus' halo.  The card or coloring page would look nice with embellishments here and there using a glitter pen. Here,  I offer you two versions. One is a little easier to color.  To use these for greeting cards, reduce the size to about 45-50% or more or you can click on the picture and print them as their original size.

(Click words above to download and print page from Google Documents.)
Frugal Idea:  I shop "After Christmas" sales at Walmart and other stores to buy holiday cards that are on clearance.  I give away the cards and keep the really nice red and green and sometimes blue envelopes to use with my own handmade cards.  I find that $1 a box is better thank $5 for a package of envelopes from a craft store.


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