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Prayer to the Infant Jesus and Nativity Coloring Page

I love finding beautiful vintage Christmas cards at yard sales, antique shops and thrift stores.  I found this really sweet one recently.

It inspires me so much because it is a dear little woodland animal scene with baby Jesus.  Since we moved to the mountains, I have wanted to make a Woodland Nativity.   So, I cheated a little and used some of the animals and parts of Baby Jesus to make my own nativity with Little Jesus.  I added the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, lots of holly and poinsettias but edited out a few things to make a
Woodland Nativity Coloring Page You can find the coloring page ---> HERE. And you can find more coloring pages---> HERE This morning while cleaning out my Holy Card drawer (can you believe I need a whole drawer for all my Holy Cards (I collected them as a kid.)), I found this beautiful Nativity Prayer to the Infant Jesus: Prayer to the Infant Jesus (by Saint Francis de Sales) Behold the dear Infant Jesus, and adore Him fervently.Contemplate His poverty, an…