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Feast of Santo Niño de Cebú (The Holy Child Of Cebu), Litany of the Infant Jesus and Coloring Page

On New Year's Day my husband and I attended mass at a church in Los Angeles, California.  Picking up a church bulletin, I discovered an advertisement for the upcoming Santo Nino Celebration set for Sunday, January 19th.  I wondered about this.  I wasn't familiar with a feast day for the Holy Child on this day and so I did some investigation.
What I discovered is an interesting bit of history.  In his travels to the Philippines, the explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, presented a statue of the Holy Child to one of the wives of King Rajah Humabon.  King Rajah and his household and servants converted to Catholicism in the year 1521 and were baptised by Magellan's priests.  The statue bears a striking resemblance to the Infant Jesus of Prague.  In his left hand, the Child Jesus holds a glubus cruciger, an orb with a cross, which is symbolic of Jesus' dominion over the whole world.  In His right hand, He carries a sceptre, or rod,  which symbolizes the fact that He is the ruling