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Widow's Mite Coloring Page (For the Feast of Saint Joseph)

 Apparently Saint Joseph did not want me to get any sleep last night or rather this morning because I woke up thinking of a widow's mite coloring page and projects.   I was more awake than usual at 3 a.m.  I have done some of my best art work in the wee hours of the morning. This morning my mind was in overdrive wanting to get started on making a widow's mite coloring page.   I know.  It's rather neurotic! Hee! Hee!

Just in case you are wondering why I am connecting the widow's mite and Saint Joseph,  it is because the widow's mite is one of the symbol's typically found on a Saint Joseph's Altar and the Saint Joseph's Altar is all about doing our part in taking care of the less fortunate.  The Widow's Mite is a symbol of giving.  The Feast of Saint Joseph is approaching (March 19th) and the sooner we get started in preparation for the Feast of Saint Joseph, the more wonderful it will be.  If you haven't read my post about the Saint Joseph'…

Child Jesus Valentine Coloring Page

Well, if you don't know me by now....I love to make Jesus coloring pages.  I've had this one in my mind for several years.  Or rather something like it.  I am thinking you could shrink it by 50-75%, color and then glue it on pink or red construction paper or card stock to make a Valentine card with it.   I colored mine with Crayola Washable Super Tips and Silly Scents Markers You could also print this one on light pink or red paper and one on white paper.  Color the large heart with Jesus on it that's on the white paper, cut it out and paste it over the one one printed on the pink or red paper.  Just an idea.