Monday, October 12, 2015

Healing with Fr. Jose Maniyangat : My Testimony

My husband and I just got back from a very quick trip to Florida.  Our trip wasn't all fun and frolic.  It was about something much more important.  When friends asked, we just said, “Oh, we are just going for a quick get-away.”  We didn’t tell anyone except a handful of family and friends what we were really up to.  You see, we weren’t sure what the outcome would be.  We didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes dashed if things did not work out like we had hoped.  We weren’t even sure about the whole thing ourselves.  This was going to be a new experience. 
I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I have been through numerous traumatic experiences and I have also had too-many-to-count head injuries.  I get overwhelmed very easily.  Last summer (2015) something very upsetting happened and I felt as though I could not cope with life.  I began getting hate email.  I won't go into the details except to explain that it happened because I stood up for my Catholic beliefs on marriage.

One day someone posted a Fr. Jose Maniyangat video on Pinterest.  I had seen one of his videos of a healing service and didn't know what to think.  It seemed kind of Pentecostal.  He would touch the head of a person with a cross and that person would fall to the floor.  I think it is called being slain in the Spirit.  I later found out that this Cross actually has a First Class Relic of the True Cross in it.  There was the explanation!  The True Cross is Miraculous! 

When I took another look at Fr. Jose' Ministry, I decided to watch all of the Fr. Jose videos that were posted on You Tube.   I became intrigued.  Fr. Jose died and came back to life!  He has an amazing story.  I found him to be authentic.  I showed his videos to my husband.  He also became interested.  I wondered if I could be healed if I went to one of his healing services.  There was an upcoming Eucharistic Healing Service set for the first weekend in October.  I thought I should first speak to a priest about this.

I contacted a traditional Catholic priest in the Fraternity of Saint Peter.  I first prayed to my guardian angel to direct this priest.  I would accept the priest's answer.  If the priest said no, I would not attend the healing service.  If he said yes, I would buy a plane ticket.  I sent the priest an email.  Many days passed and then one day I received a response.  The priest said that he had been on retreat and had only returned last night.  He was so surprised when I mentioned Fr. Jose Maniyangat.  He said, "It is so interesting that you should mention this priest.  Only last night someone spoke to me about Fr. Maniyangat.  Before then I had never heard of him.  Yes, you may go to his healing service. "   How is that for sending your guardian angel on an errand!!!

This journal entry describes how I felt in the months before I attended the healing service.
We flew into Florida close to midnight on Friday, October 2nd.  By the time we got our rental car and checked into our hotel, it was Saturday morning.  We did our best to get a little sleep.  The mass and healing service was not until late afternoon.   I couldn’t sleep, though.  My mind was very active.  Every ugly, painful memory surfaced.  My heart was filled with anger, hurt, hatred, unforgiveness and resentment.  I was so shocked at these emotions.  How could I hate people that I loved? I didn't like this. But now I know it was just part of the healing process.  I had to experience these emotions so that I could recognize my attachment to specific sins.

We arrived at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Orange Park, Florida  two hours early.  We found the Adoration chapel but it was locked.  We decided to pray the rosary inside the church.  When people started lining up for confession, I went too. (***see note below***) When I came out of the confessional,  Fr. Jose came up to me.  He introduced himself and asked me about myself.  I was so anxious.  I was on the verge of bursting into tears, but I held them back.  I stuttered my answers to him. 
We found the mass very respectful.  Fr. Jose officiated and gave the sermon.  It was an excellent sermon about marriage.  He did not mince words.  He was not afraid to speak the truth.  He recommended that we pray a rosary a day for the upcoming Synod.  After mass ended, about 250 people remained for the healing service. 
The healing service was actually Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  We prayed all the usual traditional prayers and sang all the usual traditional hymns.   We even consecrated ourselves to Jesus Christ and then said the traditional prayer of the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart.   We prayed the rosary.  During the service the deacon  read testimonies of healing.  He also told us about his daughter who was healed from cancer.  Near the end, Fr. Jose walked up and down each aisle with the Blessed Sacrament.  He stopped at each pew.  We adored Christ. I asked Him to heal me, but I also asked only for His Divine Will.  My eyes flooded with tears. I hoped He would heal me but I didn't know if it was His Will.  Then I began to feel a sense of peace.  My shoulders were still tense, but there was a definite peace. 

When the service was over we went into the church foyer.  People lined up and Fr. Jose made the sign of the cross on their forehead with his thumb while he prayed a silent prayer.  So we got in line.  As we were later walking away, a sense of joy came over me.  I felt like my old self.  But I did not want to get too excited.  I thought, the real test will be to see how I feel when I am all alone and it is just me and my thoughts.  I wondered how long this sense of peace would last.  I was not yet convinced.

It has been more than one week since we attended Fr. Jose's Eucharistic Healing Mass and Service and I can honestly say, that although I am not all dizzy with happiness, I am very much at peace.  I am no longer depressed and my thoughts are very much on an even keel.  All traces of sadness are gone.  The years of roller coaster emotions have ceased.  The repetitive thoughts have stopped.  I am no longer brooding.  I have not felt anger, resentment, hurt, or hatred in these last 7 days.  Something has definitely happened for the good.  Only once did a negative emotion pop up into my mind and I dismissed it.  It hasn't reared its ugly head since.
Now it is time to give thanks.  Last night I found Psalm 28:6-7
Blessed be the Lord
For He has heard the sound of my pleading;
The Lord is my strength and my shield.
In Him my heart trusts
and I find help;
Then my heart exults,
and with my song
 I give Him thanks.
Note:  Fr. Jose stresses in this video that for healing to take place, one must have a clean heart.  One must go to confession and have no anger, hatred or unforgiveness, evil nor pride in one's heart.   We must acknowledge our own sinfulness and have a repentant heart.  He says that healing cannot happen if there is hatred in one's heart.

Note:  If you are leary about the whole slain in the spirit concept, then you should consider reading the Life of Christ as Seen by Anne Catherine Emmerich.  You will discover that when Jesus healed people, they would "faint" and a dark cloud would leave them.   The term, "slain in the spirit" is new.  The falling to the ground in a faint or sleep is not new when it comes to being healed.

This healing service that we attended was not like what we saw in this video.  We felt a little disappointed by not having the crucifix placed on our heads.  But apparently it was not necessary for me to have a healing. 
I really like Fr. Jose Maniyangat.  I found his demeanor to be serious and somewhat grave.  He is very orthodox in what he has to say.  He follows the doctrines and teachings of the Church.  I dare to say that he is actually quite traditional.  We found Fr. Jose to be very humble.  He takes no credit for the healings that occur.  This morning in an email he reminded me that it is God who has healed me.

Father Jose Maniyangat is truly a priest of God and I am so thankful for his ministry.

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  1. Wow, Monica! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us. It was very powerful!

    Sadness isn't always caused by sloth though the deadly sins certainly like to take advantage of our wounds. Severe trauma can cause the mental anguish and sadness you speak about in your post too. Sometimes our souls just need deep inner healing, especially in the case of severe trauma.

    I am so glad you received this healing and it's a blessing to read your testimony. I have read about Fr. Jose before but I can't remember where I read Thanks for the links - I want to listen to his testimony too!

    1. Thanks Mary for these words you have written. I have been told that I have brain damage, which is not unusual both for head injuries as well as other kinds of abuse. I think the priests at my church were tired of seeing my face! I am so glad that God has raised up this holy priest to heal those who can't find healing elsewhere.

  2. Whoa! Just read his testimony, Monica! Chills! Going to go check out his videos!

    1. Mary, he has a YouTube Channel. I loved watching all of them!