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The Spring In God's Creation

(These are Granny Smith apple blossoms.) Who doesn't love the springtime when every little hidden plant and flower peeps it's tiny head above the thawing earth?  It so reminds me of a thousand little birthday gifts because each flower is a little surprise waiting to be discovered. Today as I returned home from grocery shopping I decided to walk across the road to see what wildflowers were in bloom.  Those above are California Lupine.  I don't know what these little white flowers are below, but I thought it wonderful to see the tiny pollen sac on the little worker bee. We had a rainy winter and spring this year.  Lots of rain means we get to  see lots of green grass and an abundance of flowers. Here are some strawberry flowers from my garden.  I don't know if these are Quinalt or Sequoia strawberries, but they have taken over my garden.  This year I am planting yet a third kind. Here's a dainty violet pink flower that grows close to the ground. I never pull up …