My Iris Garden and The Canticle of the Three Young Men

This year Spring in the mountains has been absolutely gorgeous!  We received so much rain that everything is lush and green.  God has adorned Creation with glory! All nature seems to be singing His praises. 
 My favorite time of year just might be when our bearded irises bloom.  The blue one above is called Victoria Falls.  It's supposed to be a rebloomer, but I have never seen it rebloom. I am content with it just blooming once a year, though.  It is one of my first irises that I collected.
Over the years friends and even strangers have shared irises with me.  I think I found this purple bicolor one at the local health food co-op.  It was in a box labeled "free" near the door.    

This white one is called Immortality.  It is also one of my first irises.  It's a rebloomer, too.
This one with the purple rim is either the Earl of Essex or Rimaround.
It gets a lot of "ooohs and ahhs."  I think it might be Rimaround because I think the "Earl" is more violet and less blue.
Below is another purple one that I believe is an heirloom iris. 
It came from a house we rented years ago.  There were more than 500 of these.  I had the task of dividing the roots and replanting them.  Irises multiply like crazy and you have to find adoptive parents for the offspring.
This year my favorite iris is a burgundy and mauve bicolor.  I think a neighbor gave it to me.  It is really multiplying!
Years ago we created a berm near the road in our front yard.  It is planted with irises, lavender, sage, society garlic, and various kinds of thyme.  In the Spring the daffodils and hyacinth and lupine bloom there, too.
Aren't these peach ones beauties!  I don't know the cultivar name for these, but it think it is called Beverly Sills.  
 Here is a close up.  It so delicate and lovely.  It reminds me of what Heaven must be like. 
My neighbor gave me this pink one below. 
Here's a "black" iris that is really deep purple.  It's called Superstition.  It never completely unfolds.  It appears to be a medium tall iris as it is on the small side.
 These yellow irises were here on our property when we bought it.
A few more views of my iris garden.

Canticle of the Three Young Men
Dan. 3, 57-76
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord,
praise and glorify Him forever.
Angels of the Lord,
bless the Lord,
Bless the Lord,
All the waters above the clouds,
Bless the Lord,
All the hosts of the Lord, 
Bless the Lord,
Sun and Moon,
Bless the Lord,
All Showers and dews,
Bless the Lord,
All winds, 
Bless the Lord,
Fire and Heat,
Bless the Lord.
Dews and Rains,
Bless the Lord;
Ice and Frosts, 
Bless the Lord.
Ice and snow,
Bless the Lord,
Nights and Days,
Bless the Lord.
Light and darkness,
Bless the Lord.
Lightnings and clouds,
Bless the Lord.
Let the earth bless the Lord;
Praise and glorify Him forever.
Mountains and hills,
Bless the Lord;
All plants that grow upon the earth,
Bless the Lord.....
(56.) Blessed art Thou in the firmament of Heaven;
and worthy of praise and glorified forever.




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