The Spring In God's Creation

(These are Granny Smith apple blossoms.)
Who doesn't love the springtime when every little hidden plant and flower peeps it's tiny head above the thawing earth?  It so reminds me of a thousand little birthday gifts because each flower is a little surprise waiting to be discovered.
Today as I returned home from grocery shopping I decided to walk across the road to see what wildflowers were in bloom.  Those above are California Lupine. 
I don't know what these little white flowers are below, but I thought it wonderful to see the tiny pollen sac on the little worker bee.
We had a rainy winter and spring this year.  Lots of rain means we get to
 see lots of green grass and an abundance of flowers.
Here are some strawberry flowers from my garden.  I don't know if these are Quinalt or Sequoia strawberries, but they have taken over my garden.  This year I am planting yet a third kind.
Here's a dainty violet pink flower that grows close to the ground.
I never pull up dandelions since we can eat the leaves.  Here are some dandelion puff balls that grew from seeds I transferred to my garden. 
This sweet looking flower is a pesky weed that everyone wants to get rid of!  The leaves fool everyone because one thinks it is going to be a beautiful daffodil only to discover that's it not a daffodil after all.  When it finally blooms, the leaves are half dead.  It's just not pretty if you could see the whole plant, but up close it is sweet.
The redbuds in our yard are in bloom, too.
Here is the Ajuga reptens.  It is called Black Scallop.   I have it in my little Mary garden.
Below is a little succulent plant that grows in the rocky areas.
Violets aren't always blue.  We have these little yellow violets everywhere.  I'm glad that the deer don't eat them.
This purple one is called vetch.
These grape hyacinths have been blooming for weeks.  I thought the rain would wash them away but they are still fresh and beautiful.
This one I feel a little confused about.   Why is it growing here in the Sierra Nevada mountains?  It looks like a typical Louisiana weed.  I do wonder if it traveled back home with me in 2015....
I love the little buds in this photo.
More apple blossoms.
God sure knows what He is doing.  Spring brings Easter which is the Resurrection.  The Resurrection promises the faithful new life.  Just when we are getting weary from the world, there is yet HOPE!
And don't forget if you haven't yet taken advantage of giving new life to your soul.  Remember that Divine Mercy Sunday just passed and there is still time to gain that Plenary Indulgence!
Isn't spring a happy time of year!


  1. I have noticed how a little sunshine wakes up the natural world. New flowers appear daily where we walk our dog in the fields. All sown miraculously by Mother Nature to benefit one and all. Take care now. Marion x


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