Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge and Psalm 18:2 (DRA)

One evening last week my sister took me to see the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge.  The refuge is a seven mile drive-through park in Saginaw, Michigan.  One can stop along the way to enjoy abundant flowers and wildlife.  I imagine that each season and time of day provides a new and exciting experience for any nature lover.  It is easy to see God's glory in His creation here in this undisturbed wildlife sanctuary.
Here are a few photos from our visit.
A blue heron taking flight.
 The day was full of rainbows.
 A boggy canal.
 Glorious sunlight.
 Yellow flowers bordering a swampy area.
 The many cloud formations were amazing!
 Daisies and pink sweet peas (?) along the roadside.
 Amazing views in every direction!
 Egrets in flight.
 That's an island on the left.
 I think this is milkweed.
 See the muskrat?
 Aren't these pink flowers dainty? I keep thinking they are sweet peas.
 I wonder what these pretty pink flowers are?  The leaf looks like vetch.

 Another rainbow or maybe the same, but the other end.
 The sky reflecting in the water.
 Even weedy thistles can be beautiful.

 Mama deer and baby deer.
Can you spot the family of ducks?
I counted 10 babies, mom and pops.
Right in the center of their little line up, there are two swimming side by side.
 Psalm 18:2 (Douay-Rheims version)
The Heavens shew forth the glory of God,
 and the firmament
 the work of His hands.



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