Terrorism and the Most Holy Rosary

I've been traveling a lot lately in the Midwest.  We had a beautiful and idyllic wedding in my family recently.  Many of us flew into and out of the  Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan.  Yesterday I marveled at how uncrowded it was.  When my mom and I arrived at check in we were the first passengers in line.  Then when we went through security it was just us and one man.  My carryon luggage was searched.  The lady TSA person took everything out and went through it.  The same happened to the one man there with us.  I felt good about it.  I want to feel safe.  I didn't mind.  We boarded our United Airlines plane around 9:45 a.m.  We seemed to stay in the plane for quite a while before taking off.   I had a window seat and watched three young men put our carryon bags into the luggage compartment under the plane.  It was a really small plane and space inside was limited.  Then I saw about 30 or more people filing out of the airport.  I thought they were walking to a plane, but it seemed a long distance away.  The United Airlines employee who scanned our tickets came outside to speak to the three young men.  Then she raced across the tarmac in the direction of those other people I saw filing out of the airport. 

We flew on a peaceful flight and had only a little turbulence for such a small plane.  When we touched down in Chicago, several passengers around me began getting text messages.  The Flint airport which we had just left 50 minutes ago had been evacuated just before we took off.  We never knew about the evacuation, but seeing that line of people walking across the tarmac made sense now.  Then minutes later we heard about the stabbing of an officer.  A bit later my sister called me and said it was an act of terrorism.  On the plane when we all heard the news there was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that we were all safe and had escaped.  We are praying for the officer who was stabbed.  We remember seeing him yesterday before this incident happened.  When we saw him, he was in the security area.  We were the fortunate ones.  I am grateful to God that he spared us and those with us on our flight.  Yesterday morning on our drive to the airport we had decided to pray our daily rosary.  We prayed for a safe journey and we were safe!  That's the power of the Most Holy Rosary.  We don't know when or how we will end our journey in this life, but we can be assured that the rosary is a powerful weapon against the climate of terror of our day.  Our Lady said so.  I believe it especially after what happened yesterday.



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